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Arashi Layouts
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A community for saturn_necklace's layouts


This is a community for Saturn_necklace's layouts (and other graphics, should she wish to post them). Most layouts will feature the Japanese group Arashi, although some may be for general use or feature other groups.

Feel free to join and/or watch the community, and to use anything shared here. If you use anything, proper credit is required. Every post with a layout (or graphics) has instructions on how to give credit.


There aren't many rules, but since I spend quite a long time on layouts - often quite a few hours - it would be appreciated if you could follow the two that there are.

Give proper credit; for layouts I don't mind where you put it, as long as it's there, and it's easy to find. For graphics, there'll be instructions in the post.

Unless otherwise stated, don't change the layouts without permission (it only takes a moment to comment and ask if it's okay). I know this might seem like a fussy rule, but I spend my time making layouts, the least you can do is ask if you can change something; it's common courtesy. (This includes header images/colours/anything else you can think of.)

If you see anyone breaking these rules, it would be much appreciated if you could either tell me through either a comment or a PM, or ask them to correct it yourself; obviously, I'm not going to go through a load of journals just to check - I do have a life - so if you happen to come across any, it would be a great help :D!